Mister Lying Bastard with Miss Pretend Innocent Bitch.


He’s such an asshole. Like, total.dumb.fucking.ASS!

As much as I hate myself in getting into this kind of gossip, it was just too much!

Seeing that someone proudly stabbing the love of his life in front of everybody was so fucked up. At first it was bearable but each day, that little fucker was overdoing it and it’s making me sick. It even hurts to look at whoever that person is and whoever that other person was.

I ache for those people who are being cheated with. I mean, isn’t it a major disrespect to anyone?

Disgusting, seriously. What a dick.



To Love and to be Loved

neil neil

Tell her why she’s perfect for you.

Pick her up and tickle her till she can barely breathe,

She’ll scream and fight you, but secretly she’ll love it.

Protect her.

Hold her hand when you talk to her.

Look at her like she’s the only girl you ever want to be with.

When she least expect it, pull her in close and kiss her hard.

Tell her she looks beautiful.

Get her mad, and then kiss her.

Let her fall asleep in your arms.

Call her.

Give her piggy-back-rides.

Kiss her forehead.

Make her feel loved.

(c) unknown.