Why KahelOS?

“I changed… I switched… But I am still the same old me. And the rest is history. No more system crashes, lost files and well, somehow, I missed the VIRUSes.”

  – Buzzstop


 I think one reason that this distribution scores as low as it does in your review is that your criteria is based on an intermediate level user at most, with preference toward the new Linux user. I would be truly surprised if the developers of this software are even targeting that type of audience. It is possible; they could, but the base Arch system is far from the average user. To me, this release is simply a convenience distribution for GNOME users and not much more. If I were a GNOME user, though, I would tend to like this distribution, because it is a way to slam a fast GNOME system onto your computer.”

– Brian Masinick


“KahelOS is basically ARchlinux with a few cosmetic changes other than making Gnome the default DE. I think its a great idea and I’m rooting for them. I think they’ll go far. I may use them on some other machines I have to administer.”


“As an Arch user I tried KahelOnS out of curiosity some many months back, but was left unimpressed, although I don’t really remember why; I’m sure it’s improved since then though. Alternatively, a great option for an up-and-running Arch desktop (a really nice one at that) in no time is Archbang. I used it to get an Arch workstation going for work (was sick of only Win7.. had to have a nix box as well, especially for NOC support) and it’s really well done and I would recommend that for anyone looking for a quick attractive minimal Arch desktop(it’s openbox/tint)”

 – Jonathan Brown


“I’ve used KahelOS, what’s new with it compared to Ubuntu for one is its speed. I’ve never seen Ubuntu go this fast. Also, it’s much easier to use. Sorry for the generality of what i’ve said. Maybe next time i’ll be posting specific things i’ve noticed.”

– Neil

“You Decide!”

Choose Wise = Choose KahelOS