Rick Riordan


Dear Rick,
Thank you for making me think, live and breathe everything about Percy. I just really wish you are not into those cliffhanger so much. Not cool, not so cool uncle Rick.

Anyway, thank you for making everything worth waiting. For you and for your future books and series to come. Please be EPIC!

I’ll be waiting. Xx


Books |Chocolate for the Brain|

Neil Book

I was never a fan of literature back in high school

I kinda do a little bit of reading but I never really find it appealing. Then for whatever reason, my mama bought me the whole set of Percy Jackson series. It was during summer I think and I was probably soooo bored back then to even pick them up and read it but I did. I have no idea what has gotten into me but I do remember finishing the books within a week! Crazy.

Right after Percy, I started exploring different genre and authors and all that. That’s when my reading addiction has began.

Actually, I wanted to numerate the benefits of reading in my life in this entry.

During my high school days. Writing “My most memorable experiences” “What I Did Last Summer” “MY REACTIONS ON BLAH-BLAH-BLAH” was the most brain-sucker part of all.

You would have to be extra careful on your words, the grammar, the terms, the insights and THE SPELLING! — Geez! You have no idea how bad am I with those.

Seems to me that finding and thinking of enough words to express myself was the most difficult part. In college, this was never a problem anymore. Thank goodness! It would have been so embarassing if I still can’t write a proper english statement back then.

But you see, no matter what type of books you read, It will always helps you challenge your brain with mental exercises, vocabulary and communication skills. 

Plus, I do enjoy writing now. From the very poor way of blogging to a somehow, err,  improved one. LOL. 

Reading is fun. Pwwommmmise!



Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus


Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Stripe who was born and lived a normal life, eating as much as he want until he grows bigger and bigger. Later on he became tired of the same old routine, he thought of something that could make his life more exiting, what could be the world away from the trees, was there anything to found? Will it be worth it to leave his heaven and explore the unknown? In the end, he decided to go. Fascinated by the beauty of nature, he enjoyed life more and more, until he found a certain pillar.

Curious about the other caterpillars. Stripe tried to climb so high only to realize how hard could it be to work so hard on something you never knew about. For him to climb higher and higher, he experienced to get kicked, pushed and downed.

Later on, he met Yellow. They decided to climb together, but in the end they give-up. They became happy down the pillar. Doing almost everthing together; eating, talking and playing but none of that made Stripe feel better.

He decided to go back and give climbing another shot. Yellow refuses to go with him this time. For her, she has had enough of pain and hardship on thw first climb.

Stripe, once again climb to the caterpillar’s pillar. And just when he was about to give up, he saw a butterfly. Amazed and mesmerized, he didn’t realized it was actually Yellow who was flying aroung.

For Yellow to become butterfly, someone once told her that she must want to fly so much that she should be willing to give up being a caterpillar, and so she did. “Come with me and you will be a butterfly”. She told Stripe. Once again, Stripe gives up on climbing to join Yellow in her journey. Then he became one, a beautiful and lovely butterfly. Together they fly, together they found happiness, and together, they live a happy ever after. Fin.

I think the message was very simple on this one. Unlike Stripe, I think majority wouldn’t choose to take the other way around.

I think without Yellow, Stripe could not go that far. I mean, everyone needs somebody sometimes. Somebody to share your success, somebody to express your doubts and problems, ideas and happiness.

Lastly, I think the story wanted to tell us how to change for the better. Give up and let go. Each ending doesn’t always signify the end. It’s about taking risks and desired to see something more beautiful.

Wow! Imagine how Trina had managed to put such message on a very thin book. What an amazing read indeed.