Accidentally on Purpose


Can accidents happen on purpose? I’m not sure if that intro would actually fit on today’s entry but let’s give it a try, shall we?

So uhmm, let’s start with… how the hell did I even start blogging?

That was just simply because we were required to. During our college days, my closest friends and I was lucky enough to get into a descent company for our training.  We all adore our boss, our mentors and even our co-trainee. They were like the coolest guys I’ve known so far in my whole life. They’re all Open-source advocate.

Anyway, they seem to notice our lack of confidence so they require us to start a blog and at least write something about the training, the learning and a little bit of everything.

It’s crazy! I mean, we don’t even know how to write with nothing. No idea and nothing interesting to write about. Funny how we started posting an entry by continuously exchanging looks like we were mentally telling each other that we are soooo fucked. Lmao.

What I realized is, I maybe forced to start writing but I was not, however, forced to love it this big. It feels like I accidentally loved something on purpose honestly.

So let me ask you that question again. Can accidents happen on purpose? Well, it doesn’t always have to be your friends or your blog or anything similar. It can be something about love, something with your passion, with your dreams or…anything. It can be anything.

I’m not that famous type of blogger. I don’t do lifestyle blogging. No Photography blogging. Not a fashion blogger too. I don’t do book reviews as well, maybe a little but not that much. I used to write anything the goes through my mind but nothing spectacular.

Blogging is like me speaking. This has become my simple way of expressing me, the real me…  This way I can talk to someone who doesn’t even know I exist; it’s like letting strangers read whats on my mind and it’s a kinda cool don’t you think?

This has been my personal journal for like two years now and so far, I’m happy that I’m still writing.

Blogging is where I live, I breathe, I love, I express, argue and criticize. I love it here. This is where I purposely belonged, said by others. This is where I was accidentally found and I love it, here, in my wonderland.



Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus


Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Stripe who was born and lived a normal life, eating as much as he want until he grows bigger and bigger. Later on he became tired of the same old routine, he thought of something that could make his life more exiting, what could be the world away from the trees, was there anything to found? Will it be worth it to leave his heaven and explore the unknown? In the end, he decided to go. Fascinated by the beauty of nature, he enjoyed life more and more, until he found a certain pillar.

Curious about the other caterpillars. Stripe tried to climb so high only to realize how hard could it be to work so hard on something you never knew about. For him to climb higher and higher, he experienced to get kicked, pushed and downed.

Later on, he met Yellow. They decided to climb together, but in the end they give-up. They became happy down the pillar. Doing almost everthing together; eating, talking and playing but none of that made Stripe feel better.

He decided to go back and give climbing another shot. Yellow refuses to go with him this time. For her, she has had enough of pain and hardship on thw first climb.

Stripe, once again climb to the caterpillar’s pillar. And just when he was about to give up, he saw a butterfly. Amazed and mesmerized, he didn’t realized it was actually Yellow who was flying aroung.

For Yellow to become butterfly, someone once told her that she must want to fly so much that she should be willing to give up being a caterpillar, and so she did. “Come with me and you will be a butterfly”. She told Stripe. Once again, Stripe gives up on climbing to join Yellow in her journey. Then he became one, a beautiful and lovely butterfly. Together they fly, together they found happiness, and together, they live a happy ever after. Fin.

I think the message was very simple on this one. Unlike Stripe, I think majority wouldn’t choose to take the other way around.

I think without Yellow, Stripe could not go that far. I mean, everyone needs somebody sometimes. Somebody to share your success, somebody to express your doubts and problems, ideas and happiness.

Lastly, I think the story wanted to tell us how to change for the better. Give up and let go. Each ending doesn’t always signify the end. It’s about taking risks and desired to see something more beautiful.

Wow! Imagine how Trina had managed to put such message on a very thin book. What an amazing read indeed.

Software Freedom Day!

Hello World! Have you heard anything about SFD? For starters, Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use.

This Year, our Team celebrated SFD-2012 at University of Baguio. A full blast of knowledge sharing together with some of the brightest folks in this IT world.

Curious about it? 

The experience was priceless!

So what does FOSS stands for and what is it all about? FOSS is a “Free and Open Source Software”.

Basically FOSS means sharing. It is the freedom to copy and re-use the code. The beauty of Give-and-Take, the gift for the community and for those who are eager to explore.

For years, our boss sir Meric, together with his awesome friends had been conducting this wonderful event and to become part of it somewhow feels like becoming one of them. The elites. Lmao.

So the event begun as sir Lawrz opens the talk regarding FOSS then followed by us(the Trainees) sharing our experiences about open source and our views, mission and goals. Not much, haha. The program then continued as sir Jasper discussed KahelOS and sir Rhoane and sir Dennis discussing the GeoServer, followed by sir Macoy, talking about Asterisk and how useful it can be in the community. Next is sir Allan, sharing his knowledge about Mobile Development, giving hints about some plans and software to be released and how did they manage to come up with those. The program eneded by sir Meric, talking about his expertise and knowledge about MariaDB, what are his future plans and how can it be used someday in the future.

The program was made even possible by these sponsors, they added color and twist to the event. Funeffintastic! 

8 Layer

“Lucky” – a word use to describe a person who becomes a part of 8 Layer Technologies,

Funny how we began calling ourselves 8liens back then. We we’re so proud and lucky that we we’re able to meet these kinds people with different personalities, different skills and different status in life.

Every day, people around us never fails to amaze me, I can’t still imagine how talented, skilled, smart and how good they are in so many different ways.

8layer had pushed us so hard in becoming better. We’ve learned a lot; programming/ hardware/ KahelOS/ Designs/ and lots of moral lessons in life.

Learning from their experiences itself are priceless. While spending my time listening to them, I came to idolize each and everyone of them. For me, they’re the most interesting people I’ve ever known in my whole life, so different yet so amazing.

-Credits to: Jurado.Kath-

“Para sa isang malayang kaisipan na uhaw sa kaalaman”

– m.b.m –