Coffee-flavoured Loneliness


Yesterday I woke up feeling sicker than I’d ever felt in my entire life. My head hurts sooo bad it felt like Athena was just getting ready to spring out! I was sick. I was, like, seriously sick.

I slept for almost the whole day yesterday, waking up only to drink and eat a little (literally little, since I couldn’t swallow nor taste whatever that food is.) Yup, even my throat was aching. Great.

I’m bored and I’m sick. I’m sick and I’m bored. If that wasn’t the best and the perfect combination, then I don’t know what it is.

I’d really rather be stuck at home by storm than to this, I feel miserable and completely stupid of doing completely nothing for days.

So I’ve reached my limit; I got off my bed, made myself a big cup of coffee(the biggest cup I found on the kitchen I guess.) Grab my laptop, open up my blog and bitch about my current state of sickness a little.

Conclusion for today? An occasional decaf wasn’t oh so bad! I feel so much better after finishing my cup. It wasn’t much but at least, there’s that.

Surely, we all don’t have time to be knocked out by cold and flu don’t we? Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay… wherever you are (right, not funny. Ha.ha – sarcasm – meh.)

Anyways, enjoy the rest of the weekend loves.



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