Life Lately


Today, as the cold breeze comes wandering around the house, all from the little rain showered not too long after morning, I finaly find myself in the mood for writing. It’s been ages since the last time I’d been here in my blog and I practically spent half of my Sunday reading and checking all those journal entries my co-bloggers had. Over the last few months, I took a total shut down and tried not to look at my blog.

Fortunately, these past few months had been extremely good for me and I’m pretty much pleased with how things were working on lately.

You see, I got myaelf a new job and it was great! The location was more convenient and my travelling hours would only take an hour or more compared to my former 3-hour commute days on my previous job. Lovely isn’t it?

Reading is probably one of my favorite things in the world and what’s more great about this job is that I get to spend more time on my precious books each day.  I may not be the world’s most phenomenal reader but I do read a lot, like a loooooooooot!

Moving on wasn’t easy but hey, I’m completely satisfied and happy about those past decisions that I’ve made. Personal or professional, there’s nothing to regret.

I still remember those days of feeling miserable in the past. Being in a dysfunctional place was crazy! I remember facing deadlines and having people breathing down my neck. Having my stress level reaching up the roof was madness. That time, I knew I really need to do something about it; Yes I was scared but still, I did it.

Leaving my previous job was not easy. Even when I was dying to leave and move forward with my career, I felt somewhat guilty for those people who are going to suffer on my action but that, my dear friends, didn’t stop me from moving.

So that’s all for today! What a boring entry for a comeback, right? He-he. Sorry about that. I’ll make it up to yah all on my next one. Babush!


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