Happy Little Pill


Let’s talk about happiness, shall we? Was there a time in your life when you feel like happiness itself was running away from you?

For me? Yes. A couple of times now, I think. Laughing and giggling had always been my thing in the past. Unfortunately, I had quite forgotten the old and silly me when I started digging into this making-a-living-journey. It was fun. Maybe hard and tiresome sometimes but I love it. (sorta). You do know the things money can give you so yeah, my little happiness started on my first paycheck. I get to buy my favorite books. I get to eat all those expensive foods, etc. It was great, really, until that very moment hit me.

With so much ups and downs; dramas and uncertainties at work, all those pressure seems to dominate each and every day of my life. It was bad, we were miserable.

So there, before I get to kill myself out of stress, I resigned. No doubts, no worries, no hesitation at all. This isn’t about giving up but more on like giving myself another chance to be happy. Eeennkkk, corny.

So here I am, enjoying the life I believe I deserved, for all the hardship and everything. This freedom I am kissing right now was the pill my life was missing. Yep. Definitely.