Let_it_go (2)

Honestly speaking: I won’t be really sorry to see 2014 go away. Yeah, not my greatest year bud. I failed this year.  I failed it.

Now that we’re already days away from the coming year, I bet lots of people are getting all jumpy and itchy in setting up new goals and plans for this New Year to come. Not me. People might just be excited in getting a nice dress or shirt. Busy in planning of something nice to cook, some maybe happily getting in touch with their love ones but yeah, not me.

This year had been awfully bad. First: I got into crazy fights with some very good friends of mine.  Friends from work, childhood friend and a friend I just met several months ago. Funny huh? I’m not much of a trouble maker myself so I’m not sure what went wrong either.

I’m not proud of it. Yes, maybe because my pride was the very last thing I’m gonna put down for someone. I’m usually fun and silly but I can be very scary and bitchy if I feel like things are getting all up against me.

And yes, It’s-been-a-nobody-gives-a-fuck-whether-I-get-the-job-done-or-not-year for me, for them or maybe to anybody. This year might not be the very best but yeah, I guess 2014 still deserves a proper bow. So there you have it 2014, I’m kissing you goodbye and I’m about the hug this 2015 my warm hello. You’d been a long one. Still, thanks my friend. Cheers!