Playing the Bad

Let_it_go (1)

“Games, Players, Bad Guys, Good Girls, Winners, Losers.” 

Have you been played by a player before? How was it? Was it bad or was it worst than that?

Tell you what, women these days always find themselves rooting for the bad guy.  Certainly, there are tons of variations when it comes to being bad. Bad meaning bad or bad meaning good or whatever.

A player is a player. He might be able to make your heart flutter but when he does, you have to have him go mental battle with you. Just watch yourself over beacause really, the last thing you want to happen is to fall hard on him. What’s so fucked up about these players is that, they’re breakable and it would take a real special son of a bitch to make them quit. A player always comes with a fatal attraction. Beware!