Unfriend A Friend


There’s a fine difference between forgetting and moving on with your life. Unfriending a friend doesn’t always mean you are totally burying the memories to grave. Nope, it wasn’t like that at all. Funny thing about friends is that you never forget them. Not the name, not the face and certainly not the memories.

When the time comes and that friend decided to move forward in making a new life, you need to move forward too. It’s going to be hard especially when they’ve played so much special role in your life. 

Let go. Let them work on their own path and walk forward onto yours without them. This may hurt someone but sadly, there’s no other way. You might get ashamed or in denial of the guilt but it will pass. Either way, there are tons of people out there who can offer a much more genuine friendship that you’d never experience.

Cruel, but hurting someone was a part of living. Being inconsiderate was bad, perhaps a little unpleasant but that’s just it. It could be a process of growing and all you have to do is to always remind yourself, things can be out of control and whatever the outcome is, do not regret. As what the journal had printed: “Fate determines who enters your life; your actions decide who stay.” – Unknown.


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