Getting Drunk


Do you think there any benefits in drinking alcohol at all? Well for me, there is, certainly. 

For starters, let’s give it in meeting great people. Drinking will always loosen you up. It could make you feel relax, you’ll find it easy to communicate even with the people you are not so comfortable with. 

Drinking was mostly described as a waste of time, but people who often say that was the ones who are not doing it right. There’s nothing wrong in drinking; when you’re celebrating or reuniting with old friends, when you’re hanging out with your workmates or when resting during holidays or even when you’re just bored and you feel like being wasted. Nothing’s wrong with it and I wouldn’t call it as a waste of time either.

Yes, maybe you’ll gonna do something you’ll regret after. Worst case “maybe” is for you to wake up in a police station waiting for someone to bail you out. But that wasn’t always the horror of it.  Last thing you might want to happen is to get sick and suffer from the mother of all hangover the next day so your job, really, is to learn how to control it.

Okay, so in alcohol’s defense, I’ve also done so many dumb shits while completely normal so yeah, I don’t usually go with the blame it on the alcohol thing. Not bad, eh?

Plus, drinking can also be an escape, a great way to self medication. Nope, it wouldn’t help you solve any problems but it can definitely give you a great black out for the whole night or day to what time you would prefer. Go drink, passed out on the couch, have a great deep sleep then face the problem afterwards. It’s not that much but it’s a great lubricant in dealing with the rough times.

So, anyway… the thing about this entry is, I do really need a drink right now. Don’t ask. Just do.  Cheers!


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