The Statistical Probability of You and Him

You and Him

I dreamed of something interesting today.  I dreamed of him. Him. It’s been a long time not seeing him in my dreams. My first crush, my first dance my first love, yuck.. Hahahah, too much. Forget it! Let’s just get to the topic, shall we?


Can you remember having this huge crush on someone? Someone you can barely talk and stay with? That childhood crush, celebrity crush, social media crush, that blogger crush or that crushes you’d never ever admit to anyone. Can you remember?

Can you remember giggling, drooling and showing off to someone? Can you remember trying to get a glimpse of him or her whenever they’re around? How about their voices? Can you remember?

Can you remember the days when being around him or her was like forever? Remember those times when your lungs forget to breathe and your heart goes way too fast? Yup, those times, can you remember?

Me? Oh! I remember mine. Crystal clear and I still think he’s the hottest goddamn man I’d ever laid my eyes on. Nope. No details for you here mister. *wink.

Can you? Right, so let’s continue with this infatuation-shit.

Let’s begin with an extremely terrible fact that boys and girls are just awfully bad at picking up signs of love and attraction sometimes. You were like “Hi Crush, I exist” and still, nothing works for you there. Nowadays, there are plenty of people who spend a great deal of time wondering how to make “that” someone loved them back. Poor hoooomans! Hheh~

Still. Whatever happens, make sure to love yourself first. Make your life play with beautiful colors. Make it fly with all the glitters and butterflies around. People tend to be attracted to someone who knows themselves better, people who displays love to their life no matter how pretty or shitty it was were always…always the prettiest. 

Men and women are way too different creatures but they’re just people. Maybe in different types or gender but you guys are still the same in one point, yeah? Find it out for yourself and you might have your dream come true in no time. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “The Statistical Probability of You and Him

  1. The sum of Personality Index & Compatibility Ratio, minus her relationship status. That’s the sociological formula that directly determines the statistical probability of a relationship. The formula is kind of long though.

    But thoughts on the post itself, yes we all have crushes, I had one, not fortunate enough to be with her though. Too different personalities. I say, follow your own tips & jump in, nothing wrong with being blunt. 🙂

    • Neil N. Wonderland says:

      Oh crap! I totally forgot. Didn’t realized I wasn’t really able to mention a certain formula back there. Geez! Thanks for catching that up! Great Equation by the way! 🙂

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