My Job-Bullshit-Detector



I hate my job and I’m so full of it. I so fucking hate it. Yes, I hate it that much and it makes me want to throw up.

Did you know that a poorly managed team can make a person miserable? Believe me, it can. I started hating this job for months now and it was bad! Horrible I must say. I find no more joy of working and I sincerely hate my job right now.

I thought this would be a good place to start but fuck nah! Every day I would force myself to get up and spend those nine precious hours of my life dealing with so much shit from my boss. Nine fucking hours! Can you imagine? Heck, I can’t even call this a work in the first place.

I know that there will be times when any job was a good job but not always. There are parts of jobs that will make us feel terrible and this is certainly one of them. This job was utterly depressing to the extent of me, considering of quitting without even having a different job to go to.

I’m usually polite and good but not today. Let’s make today as an exception, okay?



6 thoughts on “My Job-Bullshit-Detector

  1. Was like wow on the swear meter. But I guess it’s healthy to put it into writing.
    But I feel you, sucks putting up with shit, pero ganyan talaga ang buhay, it’s not fair and never will be, so we choose either to go down strong or give up.

    I’ve had a job for a few years now, and the love for the work just grew out as nothing is working despite all the effort being put into. So much politics and plastic pleasantries, and I’m not sure if it will work for you, but I just remind myself that I’m a survivor. Good Luck, be strong and dial down on the cussing 🙂

    • Neil N. Wonderland says:

      Yikes. So how did the swear meter go sir? hehe. Kidding, sorry about that. Sinulat ko kasi ‘to nung galit na galit ako. sigh. I tried and I think I tried enough naman na po. Though I’m still workin’ on the same company, I did notified them about my plans on quitting. I told them “clearly” what goes wrong and wrong and the funny thing is, my adviser even agreed. He said, he completely understand and he’s trying to work things out for us.

      The real deal is, I wasn’t the only one who was about to quit and he said It would hurt the system, BAD. So he asked for us to reconsider and stay for at least a month or two. He even used his “friendly cards” that time. Can you believe him? How can I say no if he was striking me with a “Come on Neil, gimme a chance. Pag-aaralan ko pa. Para naman akong iba sayo.” and so on and so fort. Ugh!! I guess respect still matters so we stayed… “for a while.”

      Anyways, Thank you for noticing this post sir. Your time and comments are highly appreciated po. And about the job you’ve mentioned, looks like there’s still something on it that motivates you to continue and that’s a good thing. I salute you for surviving whatever work that is. Thanks again!

      • Don’t be mused by the pleads unless he plans to compensate your inconvenience. Hindi nakakatanggal ng pagod ang pakiusap. Anyway, good luck in making the best decision for your problem 🙂

  2. Cheer up girl. Don’t ever give up when you face your bad side. I know this post maybe had expired, but you always will live your life, everyday. I do not expect to ruin your life but I just wanna help you, though it just few words. Good luck 🍀 God bless.

    • Neil N. Wonderland says:

      YEEEEEEP!!!! No worries sir, I guess I’m quite okay now. I decided not to put on too much pressure on the wound and it works! Ha-Ha. Thank you and no, there’s nothing ruined and another thank you for the concern. You too sir, Good luck and God bless. Always.

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