Getting Lost in the Labyrinth


Hi! Looks like I’m back with the writings of my blah-blah stuff again. I really hate to say this but these past few days were the craziest. There’s those stress all over the week and it’s making me bitchy.

It sucks actually, I don’t know why but for some reason I wanted to punch myself for letting my life fly in an autopilot. All those years were not about me, it’s always for them; making them the proudest parents on earth. It sucks. Being the good daughter from then till now, I hate it. All my decisions were all up to them, no to this and no to that; do this but not that. Heck, now I can’t even decide things on my own. I’m not sure if you’re getting the feel but somehow, I’m not getting the satisfaction each time I’m making a move without having them to aprove, it felt wrong. *sigh

Doomed. I know. Xx


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