Freedom is when you stop giving a Fuck.


We all know that life was never easy to begin with. I know it sucks sometimes. There’s always that one tone each day that keeps on hitting the wrong note, regardless of how many times you practice, there’s always gotta be an error along the lines. 

Still, don’t make everything so hard for yourself. You didn’t have to push everything to be perfect just because you have to or just because someone required you to. Believe it or not; YOU DIDN’T REALLY NEED TO GIVE A FUCK ON THOSE.

Ignore it when you hear people badmouthing over you. You didn’t have to please them. It’s not like your world will eventually stop without them. It wouldn’t make you stop from breathing if you didn’t get into their likeness in the first place. Whether they like you or not, it wouldn’t change a thing.

Enough with those impatient thoughts. Giving yourself an unstable mind was never a healthy way to live your life. Give yourself a rest. You didn’t have to push it so bad. There’s no need for you to be always right, to be always aligned. To be always perfect.

Give up on your past. No matter how blissful or how dark it is, let it go. Look behind but never stay behind. Those beautiful memories are meant to inspire you and those painful ones are meant to make you stronger. Stop barricading yourself just for the sake of being safe.

Just stop. Stop giving a fuck. People shouldn’t give a damn on how much you drink, how much you put on your make up, how much you dress yourself whether its ugly or not. They shouldn’t give a damn on how you are living your life because it’s yours and they shouldn’t fucking matter!

Do things that are making you happy. No matter how stupid it is, do it.

No more rules.



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