Love your Demons

love your demons

Have you tried facing your demons until this very moment?

So for starters, I AM SOOOOO not talking about some creepy stuff like what you usually saw on exorcism movies or whatsoever. I’m talking about your Demons. I’m talking about you. Yes, you!

I know that some of us had been trying their best to be good at everything as possible. Trying to be great, trying to be better but you see at some point you just got to free yourself from hiding.

If you haven’t seen my point, then listen very well. Becoming a better person doesn’t mean you must hideaway the bad in you. You didn’t have to bury your flaws, your ugly side, everything that comes worst in you. Sometimes you just got to free that little trouble maker inside.

Your Demons are your inner self and you just got to expose them for you to release the burden. So what if people may look down on you? Ignore them.

Someday, somehow.. facing our demons is something we all have to do. Go on dance with your bad self. Play with it.

As simple as that. Xx


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