Dear 2013


So.. uhmmmm Hi 2013!

I’m not really sure why I’m writing to you as if you were some kind of a person or what. I guess this was pure boredamn so just bear with me ‘kay?

First, I want you to know that you’ve been a one-of-a-hell-year to me. A year full of happiness, troubles, sleepless days and nights. A year to be thankful, daring, brave, and inspired. You’d been a year of many-many more to me.

I wasn’t expecting you to end so quickly but clearly, you’ve become a wonderful and an accomplished year! And YES, I’ve decided not to think of any resolutions for this coming year.

No more listing of some stupid old habits to kill. For 2014, I’ll be different. I guess I just wanted to experience him not so careful but a little more careless compared to you 2013.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about comparing you to him for which one should I get better or whatever.. This was just me trying to say goodbye for the old-good-boring-habits I used to have when we were still together.

I swear, I’m gonna be better with 2014, ‘ayt? I’ll be going out sometimes. I promise not to spend the weekends reading and sleeping if you like. I promise to…. wait.. WHAT?! Didn’t I just swore I won’t be making any resolutions this year? Geez! Fine, let’s end it here.

So yeah.. I’ll be waving my goodbye to you now. Thank you and I love you so much. Xx


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