Dear No One

No one

Stop telling people what your problem is because they don’t really care about how much you are suffering. Most of them were just curious so better just keep it yourself.

Stop showing everyone your weaknesses. Stop giving them hints of your misfortunes. Don’t let them know. Rumors spread like hell and sometimes, someone out there is dying to see you fall so stop.

Surely, there will be times when you would question yourself but come to think of it, during those days.. those moment.. those seconds of your life.. Out of people in the world, you really think you’re the only one suffering?

We’ve learned a lot. We’ve experienced a lot. We’ve been through a lot but guess what, WE SURVIVED. 

Life takes time and patience. You remember those bad days who seems to go the slowest and those best days who go the fastest? That’s the thing about life.. It goes on and on and on and unexpectedly on and YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.

Time heals everything but it takes a loooooot of patience to wait. Things may hurt now but that was nothing if you really wish to fight it.

Just live it.


I know You Can.



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