The gap between the world’s rich and poor has always been wider. While wealthy individuals are enjoying the life of luxury, millions of people are suffering, being forced to endure the daily reality of life.

Everyone faces some risk of poverty. Poverty is worse than having little or no money. It includes the loss of self-respect and personal freedom.

Poverty because of unemployment, the death or disability of the family breadwinner, Changes in the economy, discrimination, unequal opportunities, starvation, crimes, government corruption, lack of proper education or lack of will to get proper education, greediness of wealthy people and politicians. The laziness of the filipino people. That pwede na ‘yan and bahala na mentality accounts for the lack of achievement among those who have been given the opportunity to improve.

The time for a drastic change has arrived. It is up to each and everyone of us to make some difference.

We can start from scratch and continue working until better things happen, it would be enough to solve the poverty problem, feed the people, live a better life, and make the next generation in abundance.


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