8 Layer

“Lucky” – a word use to describe a person who becomes a part of 8 Layer Technologies,

Funny how we began calling ourselves 8liens back then. We we’re so proud and lucky that we we’re able to meet these kinds people with different personalities, different skills and different status in life.

Every day, people around us never fails to amaze me, I can’t still imagine how talented, skilled, smart and how good they are in so many different ways.

8layer had pushed us so hard in becoming better. We’ve learned a lot;Ā programming/ hardware/ KahelOS/ Designs/ and lots of moral lessons in life.

Learning from their experiences itself are priceless. WhileĀ spending my time listening to them, I came to idolize each and everyone of them. For me, they’re the most interesting people I’ve ever known in my whole life, so differentĀ yet so amazing.

-Credits to: Jurado.Kath-

“Para sa isang malayang kaisipan na uhaw sa kaalaman”

– m.b.m –


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