Us + KahelOS = Love


What is KahelOS?

KahelOS is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. Its desktop edition comes with pre-configured GNOME as the default desktop environment, GNOME Office productivity suite, Epiphany web browser, GIMP image manipulation program, and other popular GTK+ and GNOME applications.

Like Arch Linux, KahelOS maintains a rolling-release model of updating software packages using its parent’s repositories. The distribution comes in the form of a live DVD which includes a graphical installation program.

KahelOS comes with a bunch of applications installed, more than many other distributions that use GNOME 3 that have been reviewed on this website.

The list includes:

  • Epiphany, Firefox 8 and Chromium 15 Web browsers. Firefox 9 and Chromium 16 are also available for installation
  • ClamTK, a graphical frontend for ClamAV anti-virus
  • Dia diagram editor
  • GIMP, a Photoshop-like application, though it is not necessarily as easy to use as Phototshop
  • Scribus desktop publishing
  • Dropbox
  • Pidgin and Empathy IM clients
  • Ekiga softphone
  • Evolution and Thunderbird email clients
  • FreeMind, a mind-mapping and knowledge-building software
  • LibreOffice
  • GnuCash, a personal finance manager
  • Moiro, a music and video player
  • mhWaveEdit, a program for editing, playing and recording video files
  • Zim Desktop Wiki
  •  PDFedit





Let’s all be PROUD,

Spread The Love = Spread KahelOS 🙂


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