Zafara WebAccess


Zafara WebAccess is a Replacement for Microsoft Exchange, It allows the user to share their mailbox with colleagues via an advanced permissions system.

Group mailboxes and Public Folders can be used for all incoming information, support or sales emails and with the server-side rules wizard you can organize your email automatically, with Zarafa WebAccess you can access Zarafa via your internet browser.

Zarafa is also compatible with BlackBerry handhelds and with ActiveSync enabled handhelds using Z-Push.

Zarafa appears to be an interesting alternative, provided that its compatibility claims are solid.

Zarafa is based in the Netherlands and Hannover, Germany and its Linux solution is said to be 100 percent compatible with Microsoft Exchange environments.

The Zarafa WebAccess contains features such as:

Email sharing:

  • Drag and drop attachments
  • Public folders
  • Possibility of opening another user’s calendar or mailbox
  • Sort by Importance and sensitivity
  • Prioritize Emails


  • Compatible with Multiple browsers: Firefox and IE
  • Free/busy and resource scheduling
  • Multi-user weekly calendar

Advanced Database Storage:

  • All data is stored in an open-source MySQL database. To keep the database smaller and hence faster, attachments will be stored on the file system.

Brick-level backup:

  • Zarafa brick-level backup allows you to make backups of individual mailboxes. Using the Zarafa restore tool, it is easy to restore a single item, folder or even complete mailbox.

Zarafa Migration Tool:

With this existing mail environments can be easily migrated to ZCP.

The tool has the following capabilities:

  • Mass-import data from an MS Exchange server
  • Mass-import data from other groupware
  • Mass-import Outlook PST files
  • Export the Zarafa mailboxes to PST files

Other Features:

  • Zarafa Calendar –   Schedules, Plan meetings, Appointments etc.
  • Multi User Calendar – Share your calendar to your colleagues
  • Contacts – Manage your personal contacts and distribution list
  • Notes
  • Journal
  • Tasks – You can keep personal task lists or share them to others
  • Distribution List – Manage your group/members
  • Appointments – Set priorities in each task
  • Drag & Drop Support
  • Security Permissions
  • Open shared folders
  • Free/Busy Times

Screen Shots:



Creating Email:






Distribution List:




Meeting Request:








If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I’ve won.

-Linus Torvalds


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